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Meet Annie: Burrowing Into Soil

Updated: Jun 7

"Hello my fellow soil health champions and voices!" said Hoot. "I'd like to introduce you to a very insightful friend of mine–" 

"Yes, a friend not food."

"Yes, indeed," laughed Hoot. "This here is Annie."


Annie wiggles around in a wave - after all, she does the worm very well.


"Annie, why don't you tell us a little about yourself?"

"Thanks, Hoot! I am an earthworm and live in the soil alongside many other neighbors. I love to dig deep into the soil and soil health topics, so I'd love to be your guide." 

"Wonderful. Tell us a little about what you do for the soil."

"Most days I help aerate the soil, that is, make little pathways, in the soil so that water can move and be stored deeper underground. I also help break down organic matter like dead roots, leaves, and manure, and I give my nutrients back to the soil."

"That is fantastic," exclaimed Hoot. "Tell us about your neighbors. Does it ever get cramped with all of you in the soil?"

"Only when the soil gets compressed and compacted," said Anne. "But thankfully, we live in an area of soil where the human neighbors don't compact it. Instead, they keep it covered so it's cool in the hot months. They also grow and rotate diverse crops and native plants, which helps keep our ecosystem in place and our neighbors healthy."

"It sounds like a lively neighborhood!"

"Absolutely! As you know, we love to gather with friends from below and above the topsoil to celebrate."

"Oh yes, indeed, we've kicked up a little soil with our music and dancing," said Hoot, chuckling. 

"We especially love when the fun-guys, fun-gals, and fun-pals who are part of the Fungal Network join us! They have many stories and songs to share, having so many connections."

"Now, Annie, I think we ought to host another one of those parties again. What did we call those?"

"A Hoot-n-Annie!" said Annie. "It's our play on 'hootenanny' – a gathering of friends in our backyard, some bring instruments, others bring dance moves, and we all have a great time celebrating and appreciating the soil. Get it? It sounds pretty cool, too – Hoot-n-Annie!”

"We sure enjoyed our jamborees that were down-to-earth," said Hoot. "They're a bit different than the elegant Symphony of the Soil parties, those are wonderful, too! But something about a casual jam session between neighbors is particularly enjoyable and a real hootenanny!"

"I agree, Hoot, and I'm sending the invitation out as we speak."

"Hoot hoot! Sounds like a good time already, Annie. It was great to connect you with our fellow soil health champions and voices, and we'll see you again soon!"

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