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Meet Hoot: A Bird's Eye View of Soil

Have you ever wondered about the soil? Who cares for it, and who will speak for it, or even give a "hoot" about it?

Well, I see all kinds of creatures and critters, underground and in the sky, who care for the soil. If you're here, I reckon you might be one of them, too!

Whether you're just scratching the topsoil or digging in, I'll share some wisdom with you about soil health and give you a "bird's eye view" of what happens in the soil. 

I'd like to introduce you to some friendly folks who are fellow champions and voices for the soil. We can learn from one another, get inspired, and have fun together!

But first, allow me to introduce myself. My name is both my favorite sound to sing and what I like to give - I give a hoot! If you've spent some time on the earth like me, you might remember that catchy phrase from Woodsy Owl in the late 1970s: "Give a Hoot, Don't Pollute!" My family enjoyed that one. It was a lighthearted but important reminder about an issue that affects us all. 

Like the issue of pollution, soil health is an important topic that impacts everybody. Some creatures and critters are more fascinated by the soil than others, and that's all right! No matter where you live, work, and play, we can still be for the soil. 

Have you ever wondered what goes on down there under your feet? Lots of creatures and critters live their whole lives in the soil ecosystem. Even those of us who don't live directly in the soil benefit from its health – through our food, water quality, community health, and more. 

In fact, soil varies in its biological, physical, and chemical makeup all around the world. Different regions require different care. 

Nonetheless, we can do our best to follow and support the four core principles that can help soil no matter where it lives: Keep the soil covered, minimize disturbance, maximize living roots, and energize with diversity. 

Get it? The four core principles can help us be… "4 The Soil!" Hoot hoot!

Yes, indeed, we like to have fun, us soil health champions and voices! Won't you join us? 

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