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Good soil makes a good sandwich!

Hellmann's Save Our Sandwiches campaign highlights the importance of soil health in our favorite sandwich orders

The 4 The Soil badge with all four core health principles inside a sandwich with tomato, lettuce, and an olive on a toothpick.
Graphic by Social Impact Studios

Order up! What do you like on your sandwich? Think about your favorite bread, toppings, potato chips, and a pickle (optional) - most of it starts in and with the soil! 

When the soil is nourished, our food is nourished: wheat grows to become bread; tomatoes become juicy slices, heads of lettuce become a fresh crunch; and animals graze the nutritious grasses and plants that first need to grow in the… soil! 

The new Save Our Sandwiches campaign from Hellmann’s calls attention to soil erosion and its threat to key ingredients and our beloved sandwiches. When large-scale food producers talk about soil health, you know it's a big deal!

"Adopting practices like cover cropping can keep the soil intact and support the growth of roots strong enough to stay in the ground," Hellman's shared on their webpage. 

If agriculture practices continue to degrade the soil, Hellman's says to we might have to say farewell to classic sandwiches like the BLT, the Egg Salad Sandwich, the Italian, and the Turkey Club by 2043. All these sandwiches incorporate ingredients that need healthy soil to grow, including the soybeans that help create our beloved mayo.

Hellman's will collaborate with over 1,000 farmers "to save our sandwiches and ensure a tastier future for all." Learn more about their next steps on their website.

While healthy soil might not be a topping on the menu, it is crucial to most ingredients on our plates. Let's care for the soil however we can, whether directly practicing the four core principles of soil health management or supporting producers who do.

We can all be 4 The Soil, for the sandwiches!

Burrow In (Resources)

A cartoon pink worm

Healthy Soils – Healthy Food – Healthy People, United States Department of Agriculture 

Gaining Ground: Successful graziers tell their stories, led by the Natural Resources Conservation Service

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