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VA Association of Soil & Water Conservation Districts Names Winners oF “Healthy Soils, Healthy Life”

Updated: Dec 5, 2022


Each year the Virginia National Association of Conservation Districts selects a poster contest theme for their annual grade school poster contest. The 2022 Theme is “Healthy Soil, Healthy Life.” We loved seeing so many students create art 4 The Soil!

Students from K-12 entered into the contest throughout the state.

Virginia Association of Soil and Water Conservation Districts' 2022 poster theme was "Health Soil, Healthy Life"

The Virginia Association of Soil and Water Conservation Districts (VASWCD) chose winners selected from over 1,400 poster entries that were submitted from across the Commonwealth. Local Soil & Water Conservation Districts selected top winners from their District to send on to the State Level Competition.

“It is so inspiring to not only see these students‘ beautiful artwork, but also their understanding of important conservation topics," said Maura Christian, VASWCD Education and Training Coordinator. "Through the poster contest and other education programming that Soil & Water Conservation Districts offer, we are able to inspire the next generation to become the next conservation leaders. This year, students were able to explore how life is so connected to healthy soils."

Below are the names of the seven category winners that were chosen as overall winners at the VA State Level Competition:

K-1st Grade: Gregory Robinson from Shenandoah Valley SWCD

2-3rd Grade: Antaires Wendt from James River SWCD

4-6th Grade: Evan Moh from Northern Virginia SWCD

7-9th Grade: Harini Prabhu from Loudoun SWCD

7-9th Grade DIGITAL: Chelsey Gregory from Peter Francisco SWCD

10-12th Grade: Bonny Koo from Northern Virginia SWCD

10-12th Grade DIGITAL: Sutton Marks from Hanover-Caroline SWCD

Learn more about the poster contest by clicking here.

The contest will continue next year to encourage more youth in conservation and artistic circles. "Next year’s Poster Contest theme is 'One Water’,'' said Maura. "We cannot wait to see what creative poster entries are submitted next year."

4 The Soil is grateful to have partners like VASWCD engaging youth to bring awareness to healthy soil as a valuable resource. Together, our conversations and actions can lead to healthy soils, healthy life.

Stay connected with the Virginia Association of Soil & Water Conservation Districts (VASWCD) on Facebook.


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