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Soil Health Tip Tuesday: Pollinators are 4 The Soil!

Pollinators - from the birds to the beetles to the bees - help strengthen our ecosystem. Did you know 75% of all crops depend on pollinators to do their thing?

When we farm and garden with native pollinators in mind, we help build healthy soils, too!

Plant cover crops that include flowering plants, such as clover or legumes, and make sure to let your cover crops flower before terminating.

Minimizing tillage in your farm, garden, or lawn can help protect pollinator habitats.

You can even enhance their habitats by planting a variety of native wildflowers, trees, and shrubs. This energizes the soil with diversity and maximizes living roots within it.

USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) provides technical and financial assistance to help increase pollinator habitats and improve soil health. Find Your Local Service Center and reach out at

Small Scale Solutions for your Farm Managing for Native Pollinators:

Photo of a bee enjoying a native wildflower patch on a farm in Virginia

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