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Photography Contest: Hands In "4 The Soil"

We are 4 The Soil, 4 The Future! Are you?

Soil is a living and life-giving force for plants, animals, and our communities. It's more than the dirt under our feet and the ground we stand on. It’s a living ecosystem that impacts our world in more ways than we might think. We can all be for the soil!

Let's show appreciation for the soil wherever we live, work, and play. Submit your photo by March 18 for a chance to win a 4 The Soil swag bag and appear on our socials for National Agriculture Day on March 19!

"Hands-In" 4 The Soil Photo Contest

  1. Get your hands in the soil! Play around a bit. See if you can spot any soil critters.

  2. Hold up a “4” to represent the 4 core principles of soil health management (That is: Keep the soil covered, Minimize disturbance, Maximize living roots, and Energize with diversity.)

  3. Take a pic showing your “4”

  4. Share with us! Send your photo, your name, and where you (and the soil!) are located to

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