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Bookworm Resource: The Future-Proof Farm - Changing Mindsets in a Changing World

Updated: Apr 21

In thinking about the future and change, it is easy to rely on cliches like ‘the future is now’ or ‘change is inevitable’. Everyone desires stability, constancy, and some sense of normalcy. However, the one constant (and cliché) for all of us is change. Change happ

ens as soon as we wake up in the morning or open the front door to face a new day. In his book The Future-Proof Farm: Changing Mindsets in a Changing World, Steve Groff draws on his experience as a farmer, market gardener, researcher, innovator, consultant, speaker, an

d author to share stories and perspectives on life and farming in an ever-changing world where there are few constants but overarching values that still hold true. Steve is well-known f

or his farming and work with no-till farming, cover cropping, and soil health since the 1990s. His book contains foundational information about cover crops and farming practices, but is written by a farmer to help fellow farmers adapt and thrive in their thinking and own efforts to successfully regenerate land, build soil health, and be profitable now and into the future.

Groff, S. (2020). The Future-Proof Farm: Changing Mindsets in a Changing World. Advantage. 178-pages. Available to order online at

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