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Featured Resource: National Center for Appropriate Technology (NCAT)– Soil for Water

As the Virginia Soil Health Coalition and the 4 The Soil Awareness Initiative continues to grow in Virginia and across the Mid-Atlantic region, new partnerships and opportunities develop as individuals, communities, and organizations try to build soil health, improve water quality, and enhance resilience of soils to retain more water on farms and in the landscape. The author soil scientist David Montgomery stated in a recent presentation that implementation of soil health is always local but the social, ecological, and economic impacts are global.

The National Center for Appropriate Technology (NCAT), a recent organization to join the Virginia Soil Health Coalition, is partnering with Virginia Tech, Virginia Association for Biological Farming, American Farmland Trust, the Coalition, and other partners to expand their Soil for Water program and build a dynamic community of people and organizations curious about water and soil practices that create resilient, profitable agricultural systems. In Virginia, Texas, Arkansas, Mississippi, and Montana, NCAT and its partners are specifically focusing on regenerative grazing practices to conserve and enhance water quantity and quality regionally and nationally. Lee Rinehart featured in the recent 4 The Soil: A Conversation podcast is a regional contact for NCAT’s Soil for Water Program in Virginia.

The accompanying video link provides additional background about NCAT’s Soil for Water program:

For additional information about the National Center for Appropriate Technology including the Soil for Water Forum, Network, and Regenerator’s Atlas, please visit:

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