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General Soils

The nature and properties of soils, 15th Edition
Ray R. Weil and Nyle C. Brady
Since it's first edition, the book has evolved to provide a globally relevant framework for an integrated understanding of the diversity of soils, the soil system and its role in the ecology of planet Earth.
Soil health: The concept, it's role and strategies for monitoring
Douglas L. Karlen
This chapter, which provides a brief, 2,000-year history of soil health and its connection to the concepts of soil tilth and soil quality, illustrates the connections between humankind and soil resources using examples relevant to gardeners, small farmers, and large, multi-national operations.
The soil and health: A study of organic agriculture
Albert Howard
Howard's The Soil and Health became a seminal and inspirational text in the organic movement soon after its publication in 1945. The book argues that industrial agriculture, emergent in Howard's era and dominant today, disrupts the delicate balance of nature and irrevocably robs the soil of its fertility.
Agroecology: The ecology of sustainable food systems
Stephen R. Gliessman
This book explores environmental factors and complexities affecting agricultural crops and animals.
Soils and Men: Yearbook of Agriculture
Provides information on approaches to soil health from the early-mid 20th century
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